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International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)

  • INDELA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing deeper meaning and greater comfort to dying people and loved ones in the last days of life through the implementation of end of life doulas. INDELA is involved in end of life doula program development, training and certification. Their site includes a directory of certified end of life doulas in many different locations.

  • https://www.inelda.org/


Death Cafe

  • A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. At these events, people gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Death Cafes are discussion groups rather than grief support or counseling sessions. Death Cafes are held all over the world, and the site below provides a search feature to find one near you.

  • https://deathcafe.com/

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Funeral Consumers Information Society (FCIS)

  • FCIS is a volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to helping Michiganians make dignified, meaningful and affordable funeral arrangements. FCIS also supports family rights in after-death care, including family-led home funerals, and works to foster sustainable environmental practices, such as green burial, in the state.

  • https://www.funeralinformationsociety.org/

  • FCIS is affiliated with the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a national organization focused on ensuring consumers are fully prepared and protected when planning a funeral for themselves or their loved ones.